Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Avoid Cruel Mouse sticky paper traps

I made an impulse purchase at Wal-Mart, sticky glue pads to catch mice.

I just assumed that the critters would be caught and poisoned, but I was wrong.

Here is what it looked like, a cute baby mouse, terrified and exhausted:

This guy fed the mouse alive to outdoor birds!

The directions said to simply throw baby mouse in the trash, but I could not stay-up all night as the poor thing slowly died of dehydration.

So, the question became, how do we “execute” this child mouse in a humane way?

1 – Eaten Alive: The dogs wanted her badly, but we feared that we would be picking sticky mouse parts of their fur for a week.

2 – Drowning: Janet suggested dunking her in a bucket of water, but that was also deemed cruel.

3 – Execution by Firing squad: I donned my black hood and decided on a quick blast from a 12 gauge shotgun, vaporizing her brains instantly, so she would mnot know that hit her.

I did the shot, spot on, but we were surprised that there we so many mouse parts scattered across the lawn . . .

Evidently, Janet had loaded this 12 gauge with a bullet instead of pellet round!

Instead of blasting the mouse with tiny lead pellets I nuked her with what amounts to a giant 72 caliber bullet.