Thursday, September 01, 2011

How to find an armed Taxi Cab Driver in the Dominican Republic

We love visiting the Dominican Republic and Haiti, but some of the neighborhoods can be a tad dangerous.

Not all of the poor a grateful for help!

The huge garbage pileups have caused a Cholera epidemic, several days of projectile diaherra, but Cholera is easily treatable with antibiotics.

It's almost inevitable, so enjoy the dance and remember that it's a great way to loose a few puounds.

Garbage and Feral Feces (Loose stools) have caused a Cholera epedimic

Janet and I are not allowed to carry our own guns, and we don’t want to become victims, so we always insist that we find a cab driver with a working handgun.

We start by asking to see their valid permit:

A sample valid handgun permit for the Dominican Republic - Accept no substitutes

Beware of cab drivers who have a handgun for solely for threatening people!

I know that bullets are expensive, but in addition to the permit, you should insist to see the handgun and inspect it to ensure that it is fully loaded.

You must also judge whether the cab driver is ready and willing to shoot, if needed:

The Frito Bandito ees not afraid to shoot

See here How to snag a safe taxi driver in the Dominican Republic.