Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Can you win a job interview?

Far and away, the most notorious job interview questions are from Goggle. I interviewed with Google and I was asked:

How counld you tiosss a fair coin and come up with a way to generate eqial probabilities for entering one of three doors?

Read this Wall Street Journal just published this great article of Google job interview questions.

Check out the last page of the article for detailed question and answers.

The Monty Hall question:

In some Oracle job interviews, questions are designed to see how
well you think about abstract problems. A favorite is the "Monty Hall"

1 - Contestants are shown three doors.

2 - Behind one door is a new car, while the other two doors have a "booby prize" (a goat).

3 - After the contestant picks a door, Monty Hall reveals a door that he knows to contain a goat

4 - Monty then asks the contestant if they should switch doors of stick to their original choice.

To maximize your chances, please choose the correct option:

a) Always stay with your original choice
b) akways switch to thr othert door
c) It makes no difference