Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don’t get eaten by your pet!

Elderly people love their cats and dogs and numerous studies show that the geriatric crowd benefits from having pets.

Pet ownership reduces their blood pressure and it's a win-win for both the old person and the dog.

But beware, if you die alone, Rover will have no qualms about eating you, and the medical team will have to scrape-up your remains with a poooper-scooper:

Don't let this be your final resting place

Today, a surviving spouse will often live alone in the last years of their lives, and singleton geriatrics are commonplace.

Nobody likes to talk about it, but if you die unexpectedly and your dogs has no long term food supply, you can expect to have your body eaten by Fido.

Click this link to read mny full notes about how the elderly risk
Being eaten by your pet