Thursday, May 26, 2005

At the General Sto'

Most folks know that we don’t live in Kittrell proper, and our suburban Kittrell mailing address is really within Rock Ford Township. Heah’ in Rocky Ford, we have a great old-timey general sto’ (Rocky Ford Grocery) where the ancient oral tradition is alive and well.

They have the Franklin stove, the obligatory checkerboard and even a pickle barrel, and farmers hang-out all-day to chat and swap tall tales. Most folks don’t realize the profound impact that the oral tradition has had on literature and publishing.

From Joel Chandler Harris and his tales of “Brer Rabbit”, to Stephen Crane’s “The Red Badge of Courage”, the oral tradition has always been more about how you tell the tale than the tale itself.

The lilt and cadence of your voice is critical and you must have pauses and inflections just right. I’ve been an ardent student of the oral tradition and me and my wife attended auctioneering school just to learn how to be more articulate (and to learn to yodel numbers). We were surprised to find-out that auctioneering school is a very valuable tool for success in business:

Why I recommend auctioneering school

Anyway, here is one story I found amusing:

A feller walks into the general store and sees Ole Blue the bloodhound, sittin by the pickle barrel, legs a-splayed wide-open, and he was lickin hiss’self with great pleasure, he was.

Impressed, the feller walks up to the counter and says to the storekeeper, says he:

“I wish I could do that”

Wall, the shopkeeper shot the feller a pensive glance, shrugged and replied:

“Well, it’s best to pet him first ---- He bites”.

Speaking of dogs, I’m getting tired of animal treats that are made solely for the animals with on consideration for the owners:

Dumb animal treats

I’m planning to update this page as I think of more products. If you can think of any other, I’d love to add them to my list. Just e-mail me at