Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fake Engineers suck!

Phony Engineers suck

I just got a resume from a college dropout prick who had he nerve to award themselves the title of “Engineer”, just because they had passed the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer test!

I also see cretins who pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer Test and have the audacity to title themselves an “Engineer”. Bogus Posers . . .

A"real" engineer has an engineers license!

I’ve also seen people give themselves the title of “Software Engineer” without a four year degree in engineering. Personally, I think that it’s dishonest and demeaning to those who suffered through a rigorous college program to earn the right to call themselves an engineer.

Many countries (Like the USA) have strict laws that require a college degree and a license in order to use the titles of “Engineer” or “Architect”, while in the UK, any bozo can call themselves an engineer.

In many states it’s against the law to represent yourself, either expressly or by implication, to be an engineer and all engineers must have a four year degree in engineering and a state license before they can identify themselves as an engineer.

For example, a Canadian court recently ruled that Microsoft may not issue the title of “Engineer” (The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer program) because, by Canadian law, all Engineers must have a college degree in Engineering.

In fact, all professional engineers must meet rigorous licensing standards and they even have their own Professional Dress Code:

Let's start cracking-down on fake engineers and people who give themselves self-appointed professional titles. A

fter all, it's a serious crime to identify yourself as a policeman or doctor unless you have a license, and here in NC, it;s against the law to call yourself an auctioneer unless you are licensed.

It's like George Carlin says about those fake captains that you see running around marinas in dress white uniforms, calling themselves a "captain" just because they own a rowboat. Oh, and what about the polot who gives themselves the title of "captain" just because they fly an airplane.

"And who made this man a captain, might I ask?

Did I sleep through some sort of armed forces swearing-in ceremony or something?

Captain--he's a f**king pilot and let him be happy with that.

Tell the captain, Air Marshall Carlin says go f**k yourself!"