Friday, December 29, 2006

Timeshare cruise ship stateroom tips

Timeshare luxury at Sea

The market has responded with other novel approachesthan time-share Learjet’s (see Netjets) and we now see ResidenSea, for owning your own stateroom on a private cruise ship.

In 2007, Four Season will announce the “Four Seasons Residences”, an opportunity for the moderately well-heeled to buy a permanent stateroom on a cruise ship. Prices range from $400k for a modest stateroom, up to multi-million dollar suites. You pay a yearly maintenance fee of $150 per square feet and the ship will circle the globe once every three years.

In my earlier publications I noted that cruise ships are getting ridiculously cheap and many older folks can live aboard a cruise ship for less then the cost of assisted living. A Caribbean cruise on Carnival now costs less than a room at a average motel, and they make great locations for training classes.
Next month I’m sponsoring a database class at-sea, and it’s been very popular, a sunny respite from the winter gloom . . .