Sunday, December 31, 2006

Redneck holiday craft ideas

This is the time of year when families come-together and it's critical to have some fun and educational activities for the children.

Here in North Carolina, making a gingerbread house is lame, especially when most of the ginger bread houses look like single-wide trailers:

A Carolina-style ginger bread house

Last week, Duke (our handyman) was driving down the road when the car directly in front of him smashed into a deer. Being a responsible driver, Duke pulled-over and asked "You gonna eat that"?

It was Duke’s lucky day and as he drove-off with his fresh road-kill, I was reminded of one of the best Holiday craft activities anywhere. For centuries American families have been sharing the joy of crafting artwork from deer rumps.

A decorative head made from an upside-down deer ass

Fortunately, the art world is now starting to appreciate the unique craftsmanship of animal butt art, making all sorts of wonderful decorations for your house:

Kitty cat butt home decor

For a real Holiday treat, read about how you can bring your family together for a fun and educational day of making animal ass art.