Friday, June 15, 2007

Army Medic beaten by TSA

In this article and TSA beating details, we see a horrific claim of an airport security neo-Nazi beating, tazering and laughing-at an injured active duty American soldier, beating him senseless on March 10, 2007 in the Las Vegas airport.

Is this an another example of TSA abuse, intolerable by any standard of decency, or is it an example of a dumbass Army soldier holding-up the security line with a ridiculous request to be paid for the cost of his open Mountain Dew soda pop? Man, they say that a volunteer Army attracts lots of dummies, but give me a break:

Obviously, we hire TSA and airport security to protect us, not to tazer and beat up war veterans, but it appears that Sgt. England was being argumentative with ridiculous and unjustified demands. On the other hand, the social slime bags that TSA hires are well-known to abuse their authority, like a thousand copies of Barney Phyfe.

Janet one missed a flight because she dared talk-back about being detained, while TSA buffoons tested her watercolor painting cakes! I’ve personally seen TSA personnel abusing passengers that they don’t like, detaining people long enough to miss their flights just “because they can”. This Saturday Night Live spook of TSA idiots’ is worth watching, and it’s funny, but sadly, true:

Saturday Night Live – TSA Training Video

If this incident is corroborated, it would be an abuse of the public trust that is on-par with bad cops and corrupt judges. Abusing the public trust demands the severest possible punishment, life without parole, death, or worst of all, sitting through repeated screenings of Michael Moore movies. On the other hand, a court would probably find that the average TSA screener is too stupid to find their own butt, much less identify potential terrorists, like this old fellow, who looks more like a kindly grandpa than a terrorist:

Here, watch the video of the beating of this active duty soldier.
I firmly believe that the USA is at-risk by these goofy morons at TSA, and if there is another terrorist attack I have no doubt that the bad guys will exploit the incredible ignorance of these TSA morons. Please join me in demanding TSA reform before it’s too late.

In protest, some Army members have formed an organization “Boycott Las Vegas” to protest this awful treatment.

Here is England’s own statement of the incident:

“I told him the rules were not clear and asked him who I needed to see about getting reimbursed for the soda.” – Yeah, that’s all we need in a long TSA line, some dope demanding reimbursement for a damn soda pop.

I fly frequently, and all airports make it clear than you cannot bring open containers of liquids through security. In all fairness, I’ve met some really dumb TSA people, but I’ve also met some incredible stupid Army soldiers. It’s a re-run of “Dumb and Dumber”.

Impersonating an officer?

In time of war, a civilian impersonating an officer can be executed by firing squad. Here in NC, they recently busted a woman for impersonating a captain and falsely assuming and pretending to be an officer and employee of the United States is publishable by:

“Not more than 3 years imprisonment, and/or fine $1,000.00, 1 year supervised release, and special assessment $100”

Here, Sgt. England describes the TSA person impersonating an officer:

“At about this time the TSA supervisor who I described above as the male in his 50’s told me he “is” a Lt. in the Army. This person spoke to me as if giving me a military order from a superior. I asked to see his military ID and he refused to show me. Per “military regulations”, when not in uniform and you identify yourself as a U.S soldier, you must produce ID if asked for it. And for the ISA officer to be in his 50’s and be a Lt. is a little strange.” – A “little” strange?

“I then respectfully asked officer Jennings if he would please pick up my dollar bill he threw on the ground.”

Uh Huh. England had been publicly dissed, had “rank” pulled on him by a TSA piss-ant, delayed long enough to miss his flight, and he went back in pursuit of a refund for a stupid Mountain Dew. I’ll bet he didn’t say “please”.

Since the Sergeant says that the TSA agent represented himself as a commissioned officer, Sgt. England had a right to ask for ID, and the TSA agent had a duty to produce his ID. If this TSA scumbag was impersonating a commissioned military officer, I hope that they just send the MP’s to his house, drag him to the nearest Army base, where he can stand charges for impersonating an officer.

England has sued, but that’s not enough. Here is a TV news video report on the lawsuit.

I’m sure that England was not exactly courteous, but he was beaten so bad that he had broken bones and bruising so bad that his deployment to Iraq as a medic. Here is another video of Sgt. England’s injuries.

I hope that the TSA creep pounds rocks at Leavenworth for a decade . . .