Monday, June 11, 2007

Paris Hilton is one smart celebrity

Paris Hilton is not the dummy that we think she is. In fact, Paris Hilton is a very smart lady.

I first heard about Paris Hilton as simply a “Hilton Heiress” when her grainy black-and-white internet video came out.

The video did not show any naughty bits, but it was extremely suggestive, catapulting Paris from an unknown kid into an instant celebrity.

Could Paris have released the video herself to propel her career? Duh.

All of this hype about Paris Hilton started a craze including the South Park “stupid spoiled whore” episode (and the “stupid spoiled whore video playset”). This was just the type of publicity which made her world famous.

Remember, the Hilton heirs are not among the idle rich. Paris’ Dad sells real estate for a living, and they need the cash. Let’s face it, after reports of numerous nose surgeries, Paris still has a huge honker, and if she could have afforded a forth plastic surgery, she would have had it fixed.

With the recent events about Paris in jail, my first reaction was that she was doing it again, manipulating the gullible media.

Now I ask you, do you buy this scam?

You could not buy the kind of free publicity Paris’ jailing has brought, many hours of primetime news. Me, I suspect that Paris is one smart cookie. Who among us would not spend a month in jail in return for a multi-million dollar book deal?

Paris is one smart gal (her Grandpa Conrad was a genius), and I expect that much of this recent event was staged for the benefit of the public. Of course, she would never admit it, but this publicity will be worth millions of dollars to her, and it has kept her front-and-center in the media limelight. Not bad for a talentless hack with a big schnoz.

C'mon, how many people are buying this act? I laughed at the fakish tears in court when she was sent back to the pokie, which looked to me like an amateurish attempt at distress by an aspiring actress.

Well done, Paris, you done fooled ‘em.