Saturday, June 30, 2007

The world's smartest dogs?

The world’s smartest dog breed is up for debate, as shown on these pages:

- World’s dumbest dog breeds

World’s smartest dog breeds

Dog IQ varies by breed

Horse breeds also have IQ characteristics, and some breeds (e.g. the appaloosa) are known for their stupidity while Arabians are known for their hot temperament.

Among the smartest dogs are the Rottweiler and Border Collie.

Janet and I traveled to Rottweil Germany to learn more about how this ancient breed was saved from near-extinction. I own a Rottweiler and I agree that Rottweiler’s are the world’s smartest dogs, especially our guard dog, Bear.

Many years ago, Janet had a burglar enter her home and her Rottweiler waited silently until the burglar had completely entered through her window and then attacked him savagely, ripping hunks of flesh from his body. The burglar got away and the police suspected that the robber may have died in the woods, but his body was never found.

Worse yet, the blood spatters ruined Janet's new drapes.

Some dog breeds are agressive

Janet knows how to do Schutzhund Training (a specialized “protection dog” program), and Bear knows that she may never disembowel any animal except a human.

Bear lives with King, a tiny pony herd sire (a horny fellow who has fathered 39 babies). Now, King loves dog chow, his favorite food in the whole world.

Because Bear and King like dog food, (which is made from horsemeat and dead dogs from the animal shelter), does that make them cannibals?

Bear weights about 100 pounds, while King tops-in at about 140 lbs.

King is taking advantage of his status as a “no kill” animal that he has been stealing Bears dinner. Bear whined and barked her “emergency” sound, and sure enough, King had his ears pinned-back, snapping like a hungry turtle.

King was also spinning around and using his main weapon, his lightening-fast double-barreled kicks that can break your shinbone.