Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Word 2007 has arrived

For years, Microsoft has been promising to offer-up XML tagged documents, a Godsend to business professionals who want interoperability when sharing documents with the non-Microsoft world.

But bend over and spread your cheeks, Bill Gates has done us again.

Internally, the Microsoft Office 2007 XML files are a collection of xml files (and images) that are zipped into one file, in a format completely unknown to any word processor on the planet except, of course Word 2007.

In order to keep-up their mandate to American businesses zillions of dollars in lost productivity, Billy Gates has chosen to make the default file types as docx, requiring millions of people to upgrade to Word 2007 or go through time-consuming and annoying conversion processes.

As hundreds of millions of people struggle with this, the total waste will surpass entire lifetimes.
Read more about this onerous implementation, one that will cost hundreds of years of lost productivity: