Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Redneck wine: Booger Swamp wine

There's a new Booger in town

Booger Holler is a sacred site in North Carolina, and Booger Mountain is a leading supplier of Christmas trees (remember their motto “Always pick a Booger”).

Booger Mountain is a multi-million dollar business, and many North Carolina natives resent the mass-marketing of Booger Mountain Christmas trees. I love the signs the competitors use, reminding us: “Don’t pick a Booger”:

Anyway we now see this new Booger, Booger Swamp wine!

Introducing Booger Swamp Wine

A fantastic new white wine blend has appeared in North Carolina and it’s taking the state by storm. Sold by Brushy Mountain wineries, the new wine is dubbed “Booger Swamp”.

Here, they explain the choice of Booger Swamp for the name of this great new wine:

"During the Civil War, people living in the vicinity of Booger Swamp (an area southeast of Elkin on state roads to Yadkinville), used the swamp as a hiding place whenever Yankee troops passed through the area. For protection, the people told their children not to go in the swamp because “boogers” or spirits, lived there and would get them if they did.

Since the Civil War, the name has continued for the general area. There is a Booger Swamp Road today. Recently, a woman came into the tasting room and said that when she was a little girl, her parents told her that “boogers” and people without heads lived in the swamp. This was to keep them from taking short cuts as they came home from school.

Again, this seemed a rather charming and historically appropriate name for our really fine white blend.

Now, there's a pick where you cannot go wrong: