Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day reflection

The true meaning of Memorial Day is in danger of being lost. This is a day to pause and reflect upon those who have suffered great hardships for the freedoms that we take for granted.

It’s sad that many Americans think of Memorial Day as just a day off from work, a day to relax and picnic.

Memorial Day is so much more than that. Most Americans cannot even imagine the hardships these brave people endure, every day.

Memorial Day is not only about those who made the supreme sacrifice, it’s also about the living and their families. It’s about the true patriots, people who endure great personal hardships in service to our country:

- Memorial Day is about the wives to give birth alone while her husband is half a world away.

- Memorial Day is about those who live in constant fear of a visit from the base chaplain.

- Memorial Day is about the child who has not seen their father in over a year.

- Memorial Day is about the soldier who will spend his life in a wheelchair

- Memorial Day is about those veterans who endure ridicule and discrimination from liberal hippie scum.

- Memorial Day is about those who gird their loins and charge into danger.

- Memorial Day is about those who take-on cowards who fight while hide behind the innocent.

America is the greatest nation in the history of the world, and let’s all take a moment to remember why . . . .