Saturday, May 03, 2008

The perils of home driving ranges

Despite lesson from a competent PGA master pro, I still suck at golf, although I'm dedicated to become proficient.

We build our home practice hole to avoid the embarrassment from watching people run away when we get on the tee box.

I hit so many wild shots that the squirrels run for cover when they see me on the fairway.

Even thougn we have a tee area, I decided that it was less effort to just go outside and launch some balls directly from under the car port:

Don't try this at home

Now, the farm hands run when they see me come out holding a golf club, and for good reason. Last week, an errant ball careened off of a column and trashed one of the glass doors. I like the "frosted" look, but Janet disagreed:

Now, I've been banned from hitting balls at my own home! But I'm a persistent fellow, and I'm determined to master golf.

I've been practicing religously for a year now, and I can barely break 100, but there is hope for me yet. . . . .