Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hasta La Vista, Vista!

In one of the most inept acts in the history of software engineering, the buggy Microsoft Vista has caused a giant uproar in the business community as they struggle to un-install Vista.

Vista - A festering pile of dog vomit

But it's not just Microsoft Vista that is profoundly buggy. Please read this report how massive SQL injection attacks hit over ten thousand web sites running Microsoft SQL Server.

It's incredible to many professionals that Microsoft can make billions of dollars via their stranglehold on the free market, while providing software that cannot be safely used for the purpose for which it was intended.

SQL Server injection attacks are epidemic

Vista has cost American consumers thousands of man years in lost productivity. The Raleigh News & Observer notes that smart corporations have stayed away from Vista:

"Forrester Research noted that by the end of last year, only 6.3 percent of 50,000 corporate users surveyed were using Vista, with the market share of Windows XP hardly dented in the process (the defections came from users of the older Windows 2000)."

The report says that the Gartner Group has labeled Microsoft as "Collapsing", great news for the victims of Vista:

"With Microsoft making $15 billion a year on Windows, consumer and business software profits are key to future success.
Thus when Gartner analysts recently described Windows as "collapsing" and the victim of an increasingly unadaptable code base, the alternatives before the company seemed stark."

An actual Vista error!

I have come to believe that Microsoft is about as inept at developing software as it's founder was at getting girlfriends. The world's richest man, and he could not get a date . . .

I just got done spending over $250 to a PC technician to wipe my brand new laptop clean and install Windows XP, the lesser of the two evils. For reasons that are not completely clear, Vista would eat-up four billion bytes of RAM with the simple acts of web browsing and e-mail.

Read my notes on why Microsoft Vista is the greatest software engineering disaster in the history of the world.