Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snacking in the Supermarket

I cannot understand why some poor people think that the grocery store is a place to go for a free meal. I remember that I would not allow my kids to open or eat anything before it was paid for, it’s just good manners.

But now I’m seeing more scum than ever before using the supermarket as their personal buffet, and it’s getting out of control:

- I once saw a wino going into the liquor section of a grocery store with a bottle opener and a straw.

- I saw a lady grab a doughnut, take a bite, make a face, and put it back on the tray!

-I vividly recall one woman who was eating cherries and spitting the seeds back into the fruit pile. Eww . . .

For some reason, I’ve seen people munching away in the produce section, and worse yet, teaching their kids that it’s OK to help themselves to whatever they find, as if it’s free, so long as it’s in their bellies!

But it’s not just staples that people eat; they go for the expensive treats too! I’ve seen welfare scum chomping away at delicacies, and I even saw a dirtbag eating pickled herring, right in the grocery aisle!

But now it’s gotten way out of hand, when the scum puts the items back on the shelves after contaminating it with poor folk cooties . . .

This jerk, Timothy Boggs, was arrested for using an underarm deodorant in the store, and them putting it back on the shelf!

And Scott Masters faces a prison term for stealing a doughnut, and strong-arming the store clerk who tried to make him pay:

“Scott A. Masters, 41, is accused of shoplifting a single donut worth 52 cent in a strong-arm robbery. For that, he could get a sentence of 30 years to life!”

It’s sad. A survey of workplace dishonesty reveals that one-third of supermarket employees eat food without paying as well, and eating in the supermarket is now included on many pre-employment polygraph tests.