Monday, June 02, 2008

Hypochondriac medicine

For nearly 100 years, physicians have been treating hypochondriacs with Obecalp (the world “placebo” spelled backwards), tasty sugar pills what have worked wonders for a variety of imagined ailments.

This vendor now sells Obecalp for kids! It’s online, no prescription needed.

Speaking of physician acronyms, this article on abbreviations that doctors use to insult fakers and hypochondriacs is quite revealing and funny:

- Fecal Encephalopathy – Poo for brains
- PRATFO - Patient Reassured And Told to Flip Off.
- GOMER – Get out of my ER
- CCFCP - Coo Coo For Coco Puffs. A patient with a mental disorder
- Brothel sprouts – Venereal diseases
- OGK - Only God Knows, common with the really strange cases.
- TUBE - Totally unnecessary breast examination
- JMI - Junior Mint Inside

Also, see this list:

But some, such as CTF “Cletus the fetus” and TNT just pain mean:. Some doctors think that they are Gods . . . .