Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mail order the perfect thank you gift

Buying gifts for co-workers and friends is tough!

In my other blog entries, I’ve discussed by idea for a redneck gift basket, and I talk about the perfect food gifts for fiends and co-workers, but I think that I’ve found the perfect gift!

I used to send people Texas Style ribs and brisket at Coopers BBQ, a life-changing experience for the meat lover:

BBQ by mail is not for everyone . . .

Different people like different things, and there are lots of opportunities for a FUBAR when sending a gift:

- Sending BBQ pork to a Kosher family
- Sending Carnegie Cheesecake to an obese family
- Sending steaks to a Hindu family

So, what makes a great all-purpose food gift? Something upscale, affordable, with a taste that everyone likes . . . .

Everybody likes candy, and we may remember back in the 1980’s when President Reagan quit smoking and started eating “Jelly Belly” gourmet jelly beans”. Back then, they were very expensive (they still are not cheap), and they had the aura of a true gourmet food.

You may not be able to live in a mansion and drive a Rolls Royce, but you could now afford the world's best jelly beans! These Jelly Belly 50 flavor samplers are great fun at parties, guessing the flavors blindfolded:

It’s especially fun to have a blind tasting contest, and see if you can guess the flavors. It’s just like a Whitman Sampler; there is a “key” to the flavors on the back of the box lid:

The Jelly Belly 50 flavor sampler - Only $16.95

It’s fun for young and old alike. Some flavors like “buttered popcorn” sound weird, but the taste is true! And the Jalapeño jelly beans area real treat too!

As candy, they are not too fattening either! They are only 4 calories each!

The best place to buy these is on, best prices and fast shipping. At only $16.95 on Candy Crate, it’s a great deal, since they wholesale for over $12.00 (hey, somebody has to buy retail!).

Jelly Belly goes Mainstream

No longer just a gourmet snack, Jelly Belly is redefining themselves, andf they are constantly introducing new Jelly Belly flavor concepts, like these “manly” flavors:

And these, “energizing” Jelly Belly beans, just for sportsmen:

And, of course, they need a creepy mascot:

With all of this expansion, and the emerging interest in gourmet redneck cuisine, it won’t be long until Jelly Belly starts making flavors just for rednecks:

For more, see my other notes on buying gourmet food online.