Thursday, August 28, 2008

ABC reporter resisting arrest at the Democratic National Convention

This report says that Denver police had a problem with a criminal member of an ABC new team as he resisted arrest.

Acting on a signed complaint from the Brown Palace Hotel, police encountered harassment when they arrested an ABC new team who was trespassing on private property, the privately-owned sidewalk in front of the historic Brown Palace hotel.

In this shocking video below we see Asa Eslocker harass and argue with a police officer, a disgraceful act from any national TV reporter.

Policemen get “crap” from bad guys all the time, especially when arresting them, and this policeman showed great restraint in not using physical force when Eslocker refused a lawful order from the police.

ABC News reporter resists arrest

As we see, the poor policeman is just trying to enforce the complaint from the hotel, and encounters Asa Eslocker, who has no remorse whatsoever. Eslocker evidently thinks that he is above the law and has the right to interefere with a police officer, and he forces the officer to chase him out into downtown traffic.

The policeman had every right to whack the crap out of this moron.

Let’s hope that ABC fires Eslocker immediately and makes an example of his disgraceful behavior. I also hope than the Denver police department gets a huge settlement from ABC news. It's about time that people learned to respect our officers in uniform.