Thursday, September 04, 2008

The rise of the Algorithm!

Check out this Businessweek article on quants. Being a quantoid is now cool, and they are called the “Numerati”! Jen just got her degree in Operations Research and Supply Chain Management, and I’m really glad to see that predictive modeling is alive and well . . .

The Rise of the Numerati

Take the time to read all four pages, this is important new research. Some hippies and liberals scream “Big Brother”, but personnel can be seen as a “system”, just like any business process.

Personally, I have developed amazing predictive models for predicting the future behavior of computer systems, and it’s great to hear that these heuristic science techniques are going mainstream. This is exciting stuff, real science applied to the real world:

The algorithm can be the foundation for a whole business. Just like Dayjets and Federal Express, efficient application of algorithms, combined with artificial intelligence can revolutionize businesses. The new class of super-scientists, the Numerati stands ready to redefine empirical science.

But sometimes algorithms are funny! I develop computer system that pass information inside the URL and we commonly use algorithms to create them. Just like monkeys will eventually type Shakespeare, sometime you get a funny URL. Check out the last string on this Amazon URL: