Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funny European Toilets

Ever since Thomas Crapper invented the toilet, flushers have come in a bewildering array of forms. They can be pull chains, foot petals, or any number of weird buttons.

Thomas Crapper – Inventor of “The Crapper”

I like frugal people, and I have noticed that people in Europe will always turn a nickel over twice. The thriftiness of the Scotch and Dutch is legendary (e.g. the “Dutch Treat), and I noted that their toilets have two buttons, with the intent of saving a few micro-pennies per flush.

If European, you press the light flush button. Anything weighing more than five Courics (1) requires the “heavy flush” button.

An Amsterdam Crapper with stingy and liberal flush

A Denmarkian crapper with dual flush

(1) See European Fecal Standards and Measurements