Thursday, March 05, 2009

Building a custom conservatory

Janet and I love conservatories, and it’s a great way to save cash on food too. I;’ve always wanted an indoor orange and lemon tree!

We were inspired by this place in Dublin, a magnificent art deco masterpiece:

And this one, in Belfast, a stunning conservatory:

But this one is my favorite, a poolside conservatory:

Most of the pieces can be purchased from Lowes, ready to assemble!

I want a conservatory with multiple climates, a rain forest for tropical’s, and other areas for violets, orchids, Bonsai, flowers, and a separate space for seasonal herbs and veggies like home-grown tomatoes and green chile!

I would also love to “keep” geraniums over the winter! After a few years they grow to be like small flowering trees!

I’ve seen some geraniums over six feet tall!

See my notes here on custom conservatory ideas.