Monday, March 02, 2009

The Tucson boneyard

Tucson is home to the "boneyard", a place where old military aircraft go to stay dry and rust-free, in case any parts are needed. It’s an amazing place, a graveyard for thousands of old military aircraft, preserved in the dry hot air:

In 1946, the boneyard housed thousands of B-17 bombers, which could be bought for as little as a few hundred dollars. Today, they are national treasures . . .
Lockheed Constellation

Janet & Noel with a Lockheed "Connie"

The Pima Air and Space Museum has a great collection of antique aircraft, including a B-17 and this Lockheed Constellation. The old "Connie" was the first plane I flew in, and I vividly remember puking my guts out as she bucked and weaved through the rough air.

I still love the classic lines of the Lockheed Constellation, and at night with all of the colorful lights on the wing and rudder, she is a spectacular sight.

The Pima museum also has a rare B-17 and several Air Force One aircraft.

Lots of old B-52's as well, including one that's outfitted to launch an X-15. It's hard to believe that the B-52 has been in service since 1952.

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