Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rate that infomercial product!

Ever wonder how many people actually become real estate millionaires from those late night TV infomercials? How about those stupid “investment quality” collectors coins? Well, wonder no more, they are now being rated online!

Stupid crap for stupid people

This web site allows you to rate the products that you see on late night TV!

Take a few minutes to read the reviews, it's very entertaining!

I like this one, where the moron blames “sham-wow” for making his father die angry!

“He started to cry and yell, and as I took my niece out of the room, my father yelled out a scream of anger and pain I had never heard before.

He never got to say his last words to me or our family, all he saw was his own failure and shame and he died in tears, thinking only of an angry world, and not of our LOVE FOR HIM!"

Man, this product must really suck, to cause all of this human misery . . .