Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My mother emigrated through Ellis Island!

I love Ancestry.com!!!!

It saves hundreds of hours of scouring microfiche!

I found my mother Virginia G. Burleson (Griffiths) and my grandmother’s immigration records from Ellis Island in 1921!

My Dublin-born Mother emigrated to the United States through Ellis Island as an infant in 1921 after her father died at sea from an illness.

They sailed from Dublin to Liverpool to meet the Carmania and arrived at Ellis Island on the Cunard ship the SS Carmania on January 15th, 1921.

The Cunard ship "Carmania"

Their final destination was originally marked San Francisco California, but it was changed enroute to Philadelphia. In reality, they settled in Manhattan.

The record is a great genealogy record, and the immigration agent Americanized their names from Griffiths to Griffith!

Here is a copy of the actual manifesto that I've been searching for for more than 30 years, instantly available on Ancestry.com! Amazing!

The emmigration through Ellis Island by Virginia Geraldine Burleson (Griffiths)