Saturday, July 16, 2011

PTSD as a weapon!

Audie Murphy had it all.

He was young, handsome, a movie star, not to mention that Murph was the most decorated hero in American History:

Audie Murphy: Movie star and America’s greatest hero

But there was a tragic downside for Audie, he suffered from “Battle Fatigue”, what we call PTSD today.

As the son of a 100% disabled veteran, I strongly support the Wounded Warriors Project and I spent weeks in VA hospitals back in the 1960’s and 1970’s talking to vets with “Battle Fatigue”.

I believe that PTSD is caused by alterations in brain chemistry.

PTSD happens during “near death“ experiences when the pituitary gland floods the brain with adrenaline.

Over time, adrenaline causes irreversible damage to the brain, triggering the schizophrenia and hyper vigilance that is associated with this debilitating condition.

PTSD as a weapon

PTSD is crippling, but it a batter fate than dying, and I wonder of using PTSD as a weapon might help end the War in Afghanistan sooner.

I was reading a NEWSWEEK article titled “shell shocked” and I was excited to know that the terrorists are suffering from PTSD just like the Americans.

PTSD can make enemy terrorists ineffective

Maybe America should change our battle focus from killing terrorists to disabling the enemy by giving them PTSD.