Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prohibited animal foods

I’m told that here is a old Chinese saying that they will eat anything that swims crawls walks or flys.

In the USA, there are more cases of people being eaten by their pets, then people eating pets:

Many cultures have meat prohibition by species:

- Sacred Cows: Trying ordering beef curry in an Indian Restaurant sometime, it’s great fun!

- No Pork: Pork ain’t kosher, and ordering baby back ribs in Israel is a waste of time!

But in America we have cultural prohibitions against eating certain critters:

- Eating Horses: Horses deserve a special place in human society because they were indispensible to the advancement of humans, and it remains against the law to eat horses in the USA. President O'Bama made a campaign promise to stop horse slaughter for overseas consumption, but it never happened. Horses do not meet USDA standards for meat, and even simple horse drugs like Bute can cause their meat to be toxic and cancer causing.

- Eating companion animals – Dogs and cats are not on the menu by law in many states.

- Rabbit: While legal., there is an ”ick:” factor, and as a child, my parents always told me it was chicken and I never knew the difference.

One reason people don't eat cats is because predators taste nasty

It’s ironic that in many states it is legal to eat your Roadkill.

In Alaska they encourage people to take home a Moose treat and other states now all you to eat “road pizza”.

In some states, eating roadkill is legal, regardless of the species.