Monday, January 02, 2012

The Smokers Friend

Smokers are treated like social outcasts, but I remember the days when American's rights to abuse their lungs was respected. . .

I'm old enough to remember when:

- You could smoke a cigar in a crowded evevator

- Supermarket endcaps had ashtrays.

- You could smoke in the last 10 rows of coach on any airline flight. I was on a flight the very last day that you could smoke on an airplane.

I quit smoking years ago, but I pity to poor souls who must endure socialist oppression just because they smoke.

I was in a Socialist place recently where you cannot smoke on a windy beach!

Smokers are religated to prison-like "lepur colonies", where I noted this meltdown.

The black smoke was horrible, and they called the fire department . .