Sunday, July 03, 2005

The gold-mine of irresponsible blogging

Make sure to check-out today’s Doonesbury where Slackmeyer notes:

“Isn’t blogging basically for angry, semi-employed losers who are too untalented or too lazy to get a real job in journalism?”

I had to LOL when I read this, because after all the crapola about blogs and ”the blogsphere”, people are starting to recognize that nobody cares! Believe it or not, there are people who really believe that empowering gossipy old Aunt Sara with the right to publish her juicy tidbits is going to revolutionize the dissemination of information.

Oh please. . .

Enter the Litigators

The only people who like blogs are the attorneys. Lawyers tell me that the only benefit from blogs is the inevitable Libel lawsuits, usually by dullards who don’t understand the difference between free speech and defamation!

Thank God, Judges are not stupid, and I can guarantee that once a few multi-million dollar lawsuits are won by victims, that blogs will be prohibited by corporations and forums will require proof of identity (like Amazon’s “real person” comment feature) for all corporate forums. This, from the WANTED link below:

"The people who posted their vile and defamatory comments are probably one and the same person. Their names are of course fictitious. The lack of security on your Blog needs to be addressed immediately."

Check-back here in 2008, and you will see that I’m right-on!

Smart publishers don’t allow blog comments

If you write in your blog you are a journalist, and if your blog accepts comments, you may be a publisher, and partially responsible for any defamation posted by commenter’s, even if they are anonymous!

Some people really believe that statements like this are protected under the First Amendment:

“In my opinion, I believe that John Doe is a crook, a tax cheat and a philatelist”

If your blog comments have a defamatory statements it is possible that you could be hailed into a foreign court. For example, Ontario Canada’s repressive libel laws have made it a Mecca for libel lawsuits.

Canadian libel law is so draconian that people come from all over the world to file libel suits in Ontario.

Blog litigation will improve the web

Personally, I strongly believe in responsible journalism and whenever I find someone who has been defamed I make sure that they know the phone number of one of my lawyer buds!

In an article titled “Libel - Can They Do That and Get Away With It?” we see that instant millionaires are being created by wealthy bloggers who don’t understand the limits of free speech:

“No matter how powerful the media seem to be, there are ways to get even if a story damages you unjustly. Sue. For libel, or invasion of privacy. The lawsuit might make you a millionaire.”

When you apply the centuries-old case law for publisher responsibility, judges are so outraged that many have no problem awarding the victim all of their court costs.

In this recent case, (where one expert performed “character assassination” against another expert), the plaintiff got $2,500,000 plus the court costs of $875,000. The 21st century “ambulance chasers” are savvy lawyers who troll for blog libelers with assets, contact their victims, and slam them with monster lawsuits!