Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Calynche horse scam

It has come to my attention that there are some scammers in England who have made-up a new horse breed! They call them Calynches, a regal sounding breed name pronounced “ca lynch ie”. I suspect that Calynche is a foreign word for "sucker".

The British Calynche horse tinkers have been having a field-day ripping-off the trusting public.

"MINATURE CALYNCHE HORSES Some are even smaller than a dog!!! These incredible fabulous rare/ exotic pets have outstanding temeraments, very easy to keep"

I have over 30 miniature ponies, and I detest these greedy breeders who make-up breed names like "Miniature Clydesdale” and now "Calynche Horse", all made-up breed names, intended to deceive people into thinking that inbred small Shetland ponies are somehow rare and expensive.

Here are some of the Calynche horse scammers.

Many extreme Calynche horses may suffer from congenital dwarfism, and they need super-expensive health care and surgery just to survive:

Greedy breeders don't care if the ponies suffer

Some of these miserable dwarf ponies are bred on purpose, causing extreme suffering. I adopted a deformed dwarf, and he had to use a wheelchair, all because of some greedy Calynche dwarf breeder:

Breeding for dwarfism should be a felony

If you find someone peddling a dwarf Calynche horse, contact your local police to file a fraud complaint and also contact your society of prevention for cruelty to animals. Deliberately breeding for dwarfism and congenital defects should be publishable by long prison terms. . .

If you can stand to see suffering ponies, check out this web site dedicated to horse dwarfism.

Don't support these evil Calynch horse dealers.