Thursday, January 08, 2009

Will Obama start another golf craze?

Will Obama start another golf craze?

Ike was a 5-star golf addict, and he played wherever he could, even in combat areas:

Golfers Like Ike

When Eisenhower ruled the free world, all of America want golf-crazy with him. New courses popped-up everywhere, and virtually every military officer took up golf. Golf was part-and-parcel of American life and everything revolved around golf.

Celebrities (Bob Hope), crooners (Bing Crosby), and everybody who was anybody looked forward to dressing-up like clown and heading out to the golf course.

We all remember the day when Eisenhower suffered a mild heart attack whole golfing and the stock market plunged!

The last 5 presidents have been really lame golfers, but a charismatic president with athletic ability might be just what we need to re-start the golf craze. Obama knows how to dress on the golf course:

Tall and lean, ideal for the perfect swing

I love his saddle oxfords, just like I wear:

Chatting with Obama

Obama does not disclose how good he is at golf, but some say that he has a 16 handicap, but there is lots of speculation. Our son, who knows everything (by virtue of being a young grad student!), said that he thinks that Obama was built right to pound a ball 300 yards.

I could not let that one go by, and I challenged him!

Andy casually said “Yeah, I’ve met Obama. I chatted with him backstage for quite awhile”.

As our jaws dropped, Andy flipped-out his phone as showed us this picture:

Evidently, the boy was backstage manager when he spoke at ECU.

I’m impressed. The closest I ever got to a charismatic president was watching John F. Kennedy roll by in his motorcade, riding in the same open-top Cadillac that he was assassinated in a few years later . . .