Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Uniform of the surgeon general

It’s funny, there are some appointed political positions that come with generals uniforms! In many states, the governor appoints a crony to be in-charge of the state national guard, and they become instant 2-star generals!

These "appointed generals" are the object of much ridicule in the Pentagon, I'm told . .

Traditionally, some Surgeon General’s like Koop wore a ridiculous uniform, I assume because a “general is a general”.

The uniform of the surgeon general

It’s stupid, the surgeon general IS NOT a general officer! It would be like the Secretary of Defense dressing-up as a secretary:

Should the secretary of defense dress like a secretary?

Evidently, the Surgeon General has lots of latitude when choosing their uniform. I wonder what type of uniform someone named Sanjay would choose?

Something traditional?

Since the presidential appointments appear to be based on popular news media people, there are all sorts of possibilities:

Attorney General – I’m a big Judge Judy fan, and I’m hoping that Judge Judy gets nominated to be Attorney General!

Secretary of Defense – Get the terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger!