Saturday, January 17, 2009

U.S. Army comic book manuals!

The U.S. Army published a comic book manual titled “Preventative Maintenance Monthly”, an extremely well done Army Manual disguised as a comic book. It’s written by men, for men, can you tell?

The baudy Army comic book manual!

You can buy these Army Comic books here on eBay. Here are some sample pages from this comic book manual. It’s sort of like those Sad Sack cartoons:

Sad Sack - The WWII Army Standard reading

It’s like the “Manja Guide to Database Management” where a fairy teaches you database:

Learn Database from a fairy!

With Johnny Bunko, this may be the future, graphic novels for technical matter.

Technical information in comic book form - The wave of the future?

I really like this Vietnam-era Armt Manual on caring for your M16-1A. The title is "treat your rifle like a lady", and the pages on“ How to strip your baby!” are quite funny!

But the point is that people are visual critters, and illustrated manuals are a great idea, especially for highly technical information . . .