Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Henry Shrapnel: Inventor of shrapnel

Just like the first toilet was invented by Tom Crapper, the first exploding gun projectile was invented by Henry Shrapnel in 1842.

The first Shrapnel shell from 1842

What a legacy, an invention that has killed millions in agony:

Henry Shrapnel

The idea of an exploding shells seems very 21st century, like with the newest 50 caliber sniper rifles that can take out a tank.

Bunker buster 50 caliber bullets can take out a tank at 1,000 yards

This is a far cry from the fixed WWII 50 caliber machine guns our forefathers used in WWII:

The twin 50 caliber machine gun turret on a B-17

The new 50 caliber bullets use special armor piercing outsides with an explosive embedded, a “bunker buster” in a bullet.

Shrapnel is good

In warfare, lots of knife edged shrapnel from an artillery shell is good, it can help kill the enemy: