Monday, January 10, 2011

How to kill a trapped mouse

Here at the ranch we get lots of trapped mice, in porcelain sinks, plastic buckets and feed bins.

Mice are cute, but they are vermin that carry deadly diseases and must be killed.

How not to kill a trapped mouse

Awhile back one of the girls tried to kill a mouse in a feed bin by smacking it with a ball peen hammer.

As she bent over into tar feed bin, the panicked mouse leaped on her chest and scurried down her cleavage.

The shriek could be heard for several miles away. . .

It was sort of like this:

Killing a trapped mouse

Dogs are way better at killing vermin than cats, especially terriers who have been bred for the task:

We use our tiny Yorkie terrier Noel to quickly dispatch trapped mice.

Don’t let her cute looks fools you, she is a viscous killer.

If you use a dog to kill a trapped mouse, and listern carefully.

You can hear the mouse screaming as he dies . . .