Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Medical Marijuana linked to high pain in young males

TIME magazine reports a disturbing link between the availability of Medicinal Marijuana and a huge increase in debilitating pain in young men aged 30-35.

While weed has been proven effective for improving appetite of chemotherapy patients and helping glaucoma victim, they constitute less than 10% of the medical marijuana prescriptions in Colorado.

The article noted that the benefits of different strains of pot are not due to THC content.

Rather, it said that there are 130 active ingredients in pot, and doctors don’t know which ones help with appetite and glaucoma.

Political comedian and Jerry Lewis impersonator Jon Leibowitz (The Daily Show) noted that Colorado went from one the healthiest states to one of the sickest states immediately after legalizing medical pot.

According to TIME magazine, immediately following the legalization of medical marijuana, over 100,000 young males complained of suffering from “severe pain”, requiring medical treatment via a bong.

These sick young men now constitute over 90% of medical pot users, a true pot-induced epidemic.

Let’s hope that medical science can come-up with the reason behind this disturbing link between pain and legalized pot medicine.