Thursday, January 13, 2011

You use your handgun to get to your shotgun!

There is an old saying You need your handgun to get to your shotgun!

In America, shotguns hava place in our psyche.

This dates back to the 1800's stagecoachs when the right hand front seat passanger "rode shotgun":

The best guns in personal defense are easy.

Start with a 38 caliber or 9mm, super reliable gun like a Glock or a revolver using hit splatter bullets.

Then supplement it with a 12 gauge full choke shotgun with a 4 round load.

Grab your handgun, until you can get to your shotgun!

Every burglar knows the sound distinctive “ka-click” sound of a shotgun being chambered.

If they don’t skedaddle after hearing a shotgun being loaded, then they are very bad people and need to be killed before they kill you.

The police told me to use the “21 foot” rule, whereby a bad guy can get to you at 21 feet before you can draw your handgun and fire.

Remember, the primary purpose of a home defense pistol is to give you enough time to get to your rifle or shotgun.

A shotgun is a far safer gun for home defense, they are lethal with less accuracy needed . . .

Connie Culp after a shotgun injury to her face (left) and after reconstructive surgery (right)