Thursday, February 03, 2011

America’s export to China – Phoenix Tallons

Back in the day, my Grandma knew the secret for a great chicken soup, you cooked the broth with the feet (and removed them before serving). . .

But American’s don’t eat chicken feet much anymore.

The first time I tried chicken feet was in a dim sum restaurant, and I asked the waitress what it was?

“Chee-ken” she replied

It was not until I picked it up with my chopsticks that I saw the three toes hanging down. There was no meat, just a gelatinous substance, not very filling!

If you eat one, make sure that they cleaned under his toenails:

What a treat to beat your feet

China eats all sorts of pestilence and we ship the Chinese our vermin by the ton.

They eat American pigeons, sparrows, rats, and have a surprising taste for chicken paws.

When I was a kid I would take the giant turkey feet and stick them out of my sleeve cuff, as if I had a deformed hand. It made people jerk with revulsion!

They call them Phoenix Tallons, it sounds better than feet:

You cannot beat the feet