Saturday, February 19, 2011

Death by pithing!

Evidently, you can kill a terrosist by pithing.

Years ago, I met a European fellow who claimed to have worked in the “intelligence community” (a spy) and he told me a tale worth repeating!

He told me that when they need to dispatch a terrorist and make it look like an accident, they use pithing:

I remember pithing frogs in high school dissection class, it does kill quickly and painlessly, with no mess

You can kill a hog or a cow by pithing, and they say it also works on humans.

This spy fellow told me that it’s easy to kill a person by pithing, using an ordinary ice pick, sharpened like a knife:

1 – You attack from behind, forcing the enemies head down to their chest.

2 – You pick a spot immediately above the hairline (to hide the incision mark)

3 – You thrust-in the sharpened ice pick and wiggle it, killing the part of the power brain that control breathing and heartbeat.

4 – When withdrawing the ice pick, you pinch the incision area and there will be only a 1/8 inch scar, well hidden in the victim’s hair.

They say that a coroner will almost always miss the incision and brain tissue damage are mark the cause of death as “presumably natural causes”.

Here is now they pith cattle: (WARNING: GRUESOME, not for squeamish pussies)