Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to own a fully automatic machine gun

My local Raleigh gun shop has machine gun rentals, and they say that you can get the permission of your county sheriff to allow you to own a fully automatic weapon.

Beware: Shooting machine guns is expensive! At 50 cents per bullet, at 200 rounds per minute you are looking at $100 per minute, expensive fun!

The most fun machine gun is the M-61 Vulcan, a 20 millimeter six barrel Gatling gun which shoots a steady stream of lead at 67 rounds per seconds!

Sadly, it costs about $4,000 per minute in ammo to shoot this baby, but she can take out a tank!

The ultimate fun machine gun!

Some urban county sheriffs don’t allow citizens to own machine guns (e.g. Wake county), but if you can prove to your sheriff that you have a legitimate reason to own a fully automatic gun, you can get a permit and blast away!

Your sheriff can allow you to possess a fully automatic weapon!

How to get permission to own a machine gun

Obviously, you cannot have been convicted of a crime to own a fully automatic weapon, plus you must be of good moral character.

Valid reasons for owning a fully automatic machine gun might include:

- A Vet who wants to keep an AK-47 that they pried from the cold dead hands of a terrorist

- A gun collector

- CIA, Secret Service, or FBI member

- A law enforcement member

- An armed forced member

I’ve shot an M-16 machine guns and they are great fun!

Even Granny likes shooting a machine gun: