Monday, February 07, 2011

Women can be imprisoned for shooting a rapist!

There should be no such thing as "Excessive Lethal Force" when defending against a lethal threat.

When I was 17 years old I got a part-time job as a "mall cop", working as a security guard and night watchman.

Even though I was still a minor child, these idiots gave me a crappy Brazilian six shooter and made me watch a 30 minute movie to train me on when it was “OK” to use their gun to kill somebody!

I remember that they required me to use the “double tap” technique.

Using the double tap, whenever an attacker was menacing somebody using lethal force, as soon as they got closer than 21 feet to the victim, I was supposed to shoot them twice in the chest, then cease-fire and re-access the situation.

Only if the shooter continued their assault was I authorized pump the other four rounds into them!

Using the double-tap can lead to murder charges!

I was shocked to discover that my intensive 30 minutes of handgun training was wrong, and that multiple shots against somebody who is trying to kill you can be considered murder!

I have recently read the great book “The Essential Guide to Handguns” and it says that in some “Nanny” States, a victim who defends themselves against a lethal attack must justify each and every bullet that they shoot into somebody who is trying to kill them!

“If an overzealous anti-self defense prosecutor had decided to press charges (the DA didn’t), she would have been forced to justify each and every shot that she fired”.

Using Excessive Lethal Force in Personal Defense

The concept of "excessive lethal force" is a new legal concept, designed by hippies to protect murderers and rapists from being "wrongfully" killed" while they commit their odious felonies.

This legal concept is valid because the victim of a lethal attack only has the right to neutralize the attacker, and the threat of death it does not give their victim the right to murder them at their convenience.

Unfortunately, this legal principle of “only shoot-once and re-access the threat” goes against every aspect of human nature.

In a real life-threatening situation, the adrenaline cocktail kicks-in, and human self preservation instinct usually results in the victim emptying their magazine into the bad guy.

This incredible video shows how people behave in a real gunfight:

Please read my important nortes on the stupid laws against using excessive force against a violent criminal.