Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Indian and India Indian Swastickas

Evidently, this history of the Swastika say that the Swastika was in use for 3,000 years before it became the symbol of evil in the mid 20th century.

This is a 1941 photo of my Dad in New Mexico in his snazzy Ford Model A convertible, the Cat’s Meow.

Notice the swasica’s on the borders of the photo!

A 1941 Photo with Hopi Indian Swastika border

New Mexico Hopi Indians used the Swastika, and I noticed an India Indian magazine with a picture of Buddha with swastika on it:

Buddha with a Swastika

Evidently, the Swastika was independently created by many cultures across the globe:

In India, the Swastika is the symbol of good luck:

Sadly,a failed Austrian housepainter stole the symbol and made thye Swastika the universal symbol of evil: