Monday, March 07, 2011

Hirohito’s Arabian horse scam!

I was watching a WWII documentary and I noted that Japanese emperor Hirohito rode a stunning white Arabian horse.

(Actually, a young grey Arabian looks white until about age 16, when they turn grey and get freckles).

Horohito's amazing white Arabian stallion

Hirohito's white Arabian horse worthy of an Emperor, clearly an Arabian horse of ancient pedigree and noble lineage, Crabbet breeding, I'll bet on it!

His name may have been Hatsu Shimo, meaning “first frost” in Japanese.

Hirohito must have been tiny, since his Arab looks to be less than 15 hands tall:

Because I have owned dozens of Arabian horses, I immediately recognized the conformation of the Arabian by its level croup, long neck and short face as possible Crabbet breeding, like the famous “Raffles”

The legendary Raffles

Although the Crabbet style Arabians have fallen from favor in the show ring, they are the most beautiful horses in the world IMHO, with cute short faces and stunning looks. Our stallion “Tha Dude” has the Crabbet conformation, stunning with his black color and four high white socks::

Tha Dude, our prize winning black Arabian Stalion

The Hirohito horse scam!

In 1945, the New York Times reported an American junior officer (perhaps Lt. John Aldred or Lt. Dick Ryan of Albuquerque) had taken full possession of Emperor Hirohito’s Arabian horse, and in early January he transported the Arabian horse to the United States. Hatsushimo was allegedly sold to Lt. Ryan for only 1,000 yen ($63.00).

But that’s simply not true.

Hirohito kept his "true" stallion and offered up Hatsishimo's brother a gelding!

Egomaniac Admiral Hallsy bragged at the start of WWII that one day he would ride the Enperors horse through the streets of Tokyo!

What crap!

An Arabian stallion is tremendously hard to ride, for experts only!

I tried to ride Dude once and I lasted about three seconds before I was thrown. I was peeing blood for a week!

Here is Hallsy riding Horohito's impostor Arabian, possibly the gelded brother of Hatsushimo:

Admiral Halsey thinks that he was riding Emperor Hirohito’s Arabian horse!