Thursday, June 23, 2011

Supersonic bullets kill in complete silence

I was amazed to learn that supersonuic bullets will hit a target four seconds before the victim could hear the gunshot!

By the time the sound catches-up, the terrorist is already dead . . .

Encouraged by the North Carolina National Guard, Janet and I are studying civilian high-powered rifle shooting.

Janet can hit a grape at 200 yards with her telescopic sights

A Marine told me that the current world’s record for a sniper kill was not a single shot, but a series of three shots, fired in rapid succession.

The victim fell dead before they heard the first bullet.

Sniper attacks are brutal.

This lucky American soldier survived a terrorist sniper after losing one third of his brain.

You never hear the bullet that kills you

They used to say that a sniper only had the first shot, since the prey would quickly skedaddle at the sound of the first gun shot.

The speed of sound is 1,100 feet per second and the world record sniper hit is at 8,000 feet, about 1.3 miles.

By my calculations, you have seven seconds between squeezing off the first round and the sound of the report reaching the target.

I love shooting supersonic bullets; you can actually see the shock wave as it travels across the pasture.

My AR with a 17x rifle scope for long kills

Today’s 50 caliber bullets have a muzzle velocity of over 2,500 feet per second, so the old saying “you never hear the bullet that kills you” is quite true.

The first bullet will reach an 8,000 foot target in three seconds, a full four seconds before the sound of the bulet is heard!

Here is the video of the world record one mile kill shots: