Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The world’s most powerful handgun

The world's most accurate handgun is the Thompson Centerfire with a 60 caliber barrel.

The world's most powerful pistol

History of the world’s most powerful handguns

The Thompson is not only the world's most powerful pistol, it is also among the most versatile and accurate pistols in the world, changeable from centerfire to rimfire and allowing interchangeable barrels, with a different caliber for every day of the week. Everything up to a superpowered 60 caliber elephant load.

But man oh man, does a powerful pistol pack a monster whallop!! The muzzle flash of a high-powered pistol is awesome, and my hands ached after shooting only 10 rounds in this monster.

The Thompson centerfire in high caliber has the greatest recoil of any gun in the world! Watch this fellow shoot a 60 caliber Thompson Contender, the most powerful handgun in the world. The handgun is so powerful that it flies from his hands:

Uncle Remus used to talk about “old man hunter from Huntsville”, and a real sportsman will that a powergul handgun is just as deadly as a rifle.

Big game hunting with a pistol is not a new idea. Here is my 150 year cap lock rifle that some redneck chopped down and converted into a 50 caliber pistol!

A high-powered rifle cut down into a pistol
From the collection of Donald K. Burleson

Rednecks are very ingenious, always having creative solutions when they needed a powerful handgun. Note how they bent the frame to make the high-powered rifle into a pistol.

Today, I use my Thompson Center Contender (TC) Armor Alloy Pistol in 3030 caliber, a super powerful handgun that uses rifle bullets.

Pistol power is not always about the length of the barrel. Packing a pistol makes sense of you are tracking a mountain lion over hill and dale for 15 miles, with a pistol that has far less weight and just as deadly.

I did a ballistic test with my trusty Marlin 30/30 lever action game rifle with the high powered Thompson Contender (TC) pistol.

But recoil aside, you cannot deny that the Thompson centerfire is among the most powerful and accurate pistols in the whole world.

Check out this Thompson center power pistol hitting balloon at 300 yards:

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