Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fuzzy Zoeller sues Wikipedia

This article notes that Pro Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller has had enough of the libel on Wikipedia, and has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the IP address where he was defamed:

"Fuzzy Zoeller, a Pro-golfer is suing not the website owners, but the owner of an IP address from where allegedly defamatory remarks about him were posted onto the site.

The offending paragraphs, which allege that the golfer abused drugs, alcohol and his family were posted on December 20 2006, and have since been removed, but not before a suit was filed."

People have had enough of Wikipedia, a web site where a demented crackhead can over-ride the work of a Rhodes Scholar. Some even say that Wikipedia facilitates criminal acts and misinformation and some legislation is underway to ban Wikipedia.

"A bill introduced by Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) would block social networking programs and other popular websites from computers at public libraries and computers."

Even though most folks know that Wikipedia has no credibility, search engines make the mistake of rewarding Wikipedia with high rankings, facilitating its use for character assassination and misinformation.

“In late November 2005, former journalist John Seigenthaler wrote an editorial in USA Today complaining about "Internet character assassination" on Wikipedia, based on a Wikipedia entry that erroneously linked him to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

Of course, the owner of the computer traced via the IP address claims no knowledge, but guess what, it doesn’t matter. The current law makes an employer liable for what their employees publish while at-work:

“Established case law suggests an employer can be liable for even unauthorized publication of allegations by an employee when that publication occurred in performance of an employee's authorized acts”

Go get ‘em Fuzzy!

We hope that you bankrupt these scum!