Monday, February 26, 2007

Air Force Bruce Crandall wins Medal of Honor

A proud moment for the US Army today

Bruce Crandall (Lt. Col, US Army, Ret.) is the latest Medal of Honor winner, another true American hero. His heroism was immortalized in a movie "We Were Soldiers", but sadly, the role of Lt. Col. Crandall was played by the Australian drunkard jackass, Mel Gibson.

"Without Crandall's actions, the embattled men at Ia Drang would have died in much the same way — "cut off, surrounded by numerically superior forces, overrun and butchered to the last man," the infantry commander, Lt. Col. Harold Moore, wrote in recommending Crandall for the medal."

Crandall was first awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and it was upgraded over the years. Crandall now joins the most elite group of soldiers in the world, holders of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Now, if we can just get-back the undeserved Medal of Honor from Douglas MacArthur, an award that I think constitutes a shameful act of stolen valor. Me, I'm sick of fake hero's parading their fake medals in public, and they should be thrown in prison . . . .

Anyway, congrats to Bruce, a real-deal American Hero. . . .