Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Judge Judy crushes eBay crook

I love Judge Judy, especially her book “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”, a smart lady who does not put-up with crap from bad guys. . . . .

This video below is supposed to be the most-watched episode ever. She destroys this eBay criminal, IMHO, best Judge Judy EVER.

YouTube Video

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As a former eBay PowerSeller myself (with 100% positive feedback), I could not believe that this lady defended her selling only “photographs” of a cell phone for over $400.

Ever want to slap the smug look off of a criminal's face? I think that Judge Judy showed remarkable restraint!

The eBay lady tried to defend herself by citing small-print that said that the auction was “for what you see”, a photograph of the cell phone! When the victim complained, the scum eBay seller gave her negative feedback, claiming that she was a Nigerian scammer. Here is her actual feedback record.

Theft, libel, defamation of the victim, Judge Judy’s dream case. . . .

Judy is at her best, dressing-down this scum, and as much as stating the she was going to report her to Child Protective Services and the IRS. The victim also said that the Attorney General was investigating.

I hope that she follow-through and reports them to Child Services and the IRS, and that this scum gets what she deserves.

This blog also notes that Judge Judy may have set a precedent with eBay, who refuses to remove defamatory false feedback from eBay without a court order, even when it's clearly false:

“eBay should be required to remove the negative feedback that the accused seller placed upon the profiles of the complaining buyers. eBay should immediately ban the dishonest seller.”

Here’s to you, Judge Judy. I wish that all judges had her inate sense of justice and guts to stand-up to scum like this. . . .