Sunday, February 25, 2007

Taco Bell rats caught on tape!

Taco Bell “Rats Gone Wild” caught on tape!

A New York City Taco Bell/KFC was over-run with rats as cameras rolled, a bizarre "rats gone wild" display captured in this YouTube video.

This article notes that the rats seemed to play to the cameras:

"Rafael Garcia looked through the windows of a KFC-Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village on Friday morning and saw 30 to 50 rats clambering over chairs, tables and children's highchairs. . .

Garcia, meanwhile, celebrated his good fortune. He was selling the rat footage for $300 a pop, and had made more than $4,000 by Friday night."

The newspapers are having a field day over this story.

This Wiki entry for “Taco Bell” notes the history of Taco Bell. We all know that everything on the web is 100% true, right?

"Taco Bell is the most popular church of choice for Latter Day Saints, based in the City of Los Angeles, just outside of Mexico. Known for its tasty chalupas and infamous E. Coli wraps, its pastors make up nearly 12/18ths of the population of Mexifornia. In 2004, they reported forced donations north of 276 million dollars.

However, most of these profits were spent on candy, against the advice of Taco Bell's mother, who had wanted him to start a savings account. One of the biggest fans of Taco Bell is it's Pope, Benedict XVI. The rat meat within the tacos have been known to be of the highest quality outside of New York."